Where To Buy Fusion Strike & Celebrations Pokémon Packs and Get Updates on Stock Info

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The Pokémon franchise has always been an ever increasingly popular phenomenon. Especially the last year or two with the popularity of Pokémon cards getting out of control. This has caused an imbalance in supply and demand. There is so much demand for Pokémon cards and only a limited supply that The Pokémon Company can handle. This imbalance strikes up an issue of scalpers buying out inventory and every store you check being out of stock. The new Pokémon Celebrations set just released and with Fusion Strike releasing soon after, on November 12th, this is an issue we need to face as a community. It seems like the Celebrations set has been printed more than previous sets, so there hasn’t been as much of a shortage lately, but this is likely due to it being a huge set that The Pokémon Company has been promoting the most. This has also lead to scalpers losing money on Celebrations packs. But the same can’t be said for other subsets of Sword and Shield, where stores are usually sold out everywhere. Fusion Strike is likely to be printed less than Celebrations, so you may have a harder time finding available stock for these packs. Everyone should be able to get there hands on some new Pokémon cards, so here’s where you can find packs in stock.

Trusted Stores

One of the most trusted sources for buying or preordering Fusion Strike right now is GameStop. They’re listed at retail, MSRP price, so you don’t have to buy them off a scalper for a higher price. Not only will you be getting packs from a trusted source, but if you use our link below we earn commissions and you’ll help the PokePatch website stay up. Check out GameStop’s availability here:

Get Notifications on Stock Numbers

Since it’s difficult for stores to keep up with the demand, places are selling out quick like usual. Instead of checking each store’s website to see if they’re in stock, there’s an easier method. More and more people are relying on notifications that give you information about newly released products that are being restocked or being stocked for the first time. You can get these types of notifications on different apps from certain local stores but the most universal place is Twitter. The Twitter page that goes by @CharmanderHelps is doing exactly as it promises. It helps it’s followers get updates on when new Pokémon cards are in stock at several different online stores. They Tweet when an online store has preorders available for Fusion Strike. By turning on notifications for this account, you’ll be able to get updates on when Fusion Strike is in stock. This is a great way to help the community and make sure everyone gets to participate in the experience that is opening a new pack of Pokémon cards.

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