How Pokémon Card Scalpers Are Finally Losing Money from Celebrations

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Celebrations Scalpers Losing Money

What Is Scalping?

Pokémon has always been an increasingly popular franchise and that goes double for the past year or two. Specifically, the Pokémon Trading Card Game is getting a lot more attention than previous years. This has created a large increase in demand while supply has relatively stayed the same. When this happens it opens the door people to buy up these products that are already scarce, making it even more scarce, and they sell them at outrageously overpriced margins. We call these types of people scalpers. Scalpers hurt the community by making them pay more than they need to for the same product and preventing many people that don’t have that type of money from ever obtaining these packs. We advise everyone not to buy Pokémon card packs and boxes if you think they’re overpriced. Buying packs off scalpers just funds this cycle even more.

Scalpers Are Losing Money

In the recently released Pokémon TCG sets, scalpers have made a lot of money reselling these packs for more than they bought them. It seems now the scalpers are actually losing money from the new Celebrations set. These Celebrations packs have been promoted and advertised by the Pokémon Company more than any set we’ve seen in a long time. This shows that they were ready for the high demand that they were targeting. When scalpers went in to buy up stock and pre-order products everywhere, they managed to get a lot of products. Now that the set has been released on October 8th, we’ve seen that many stores have more inventory than previously released sets. This means The Pokémon Company planned for the high demand and matched it with more supply than usual. A higher supply of these cards has left the scalpers with a lot of inventory that they can’t sell for a profit because no one’s going to buy them from a scalper when they can just go to the store to get them. This doesn’t mean scalpers will stop what they’re doing completely, future sets may not be printed as much as what we’re seeing with Celebrations. This is a big win for the community but we need need to do our part and not buy anything from scalpers.

If you’re looking to buy some Celebrations packs, look no further! Gamestop will provide you with the retail MSRP price on Pokémon packs and boxes, so you don’t have to buy them overpriced from some scalper. Not only do you get them for the actual price, but if you use our link below, we’ll earn a commission and you’ll be helping the PokePatch website stay up. Thank you!

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