How To Play Pokémon Unite On PC With Mouse and Keyboard

PokePatch How to play Pokemon Unite on PC with mouse and keyboard

Pokémon Unite being a MOBA type game has attracted players from other MOBA style games, primarily League of Legends. LoL is one of the largest PC games in the world and can only be played on PC. This means all of the players coming from games like this are most likely used to using a keyboard and mouse instead of a controller. This has left many players wondering how they can play Pokémon Unite with a keyboard and mouse.

How To Play On PC

Playing on PC wasn’t previously possible, until now. With Pokemon Unite being released on Android and iOS, this opens the door for players using emulators on the PC to play the mobile version of the game.

An emulator is an application you can use on your computer that allows you to download mobile apps and mobile games. As we all know, Pokémon Unite is now also a mobile game, so in theory you can play it using these emulators. This is exactly what some players have been doing since the mobile version of the game released. It’s also been a huge topic on Reddit with many players saying they prefer playing on mouse and keyboard and some players are even using PS4 and Xbox One controllers to play the game on PC.

Why You Probably Shouldn’t

Even though it is possible, it’s not recommended that you use emulators to play the game, especially on your main account. This is because we’re not sure if Tencent will ban players using emulators in the future. Just acknowledging that it is possible to play Pokémon Unite on PC is interesting and it’s what a lot of players have been wanting from day 1. Maybe if players and fans let the developers know we want the game on PC enough, we may get a PC port in the future.

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