Pokémon Unite Basic Attack vs Special Attack

PokePatch Pokemon Unite Basic Attack vs special attack difference

What’s the Difference between Basic and Special Attacks?

A common misconception among new players is that only certain Pokémon have special attacks. This is not true. Every Pokémon has a basic Attack and multiple Special Attacks. The main difference is that one is faster while the other one does more damage and/or has a special effect. It’s important to learn the difference between these attacks before you buy or upgrade items that have buffs related to these attacks.

What is a Basic Attack?

A Basic Attack is your main move in battle, this is preformed by pressing or holding the ‘A’ button. This has no other purpose than to deal quick bursts of damage to your opponent. Basic Attacks don’t have any special effects unless you’re using an item that changes this. It’s available to use right when you start a match at level 1.

What are Special Attacks?

Every Special Attack is different, that’s what makes them special. These Attacks usually do more damage than Basic ones and they sometimes have effects on your opponent, teammates, or yourself. Unlike Basic Attacks, these aren’t immediately available when you start a match. You’ll need to level up and evolve your Pokémon before unlocking these special abilities. Once you unlock one, you’ll be able to use it by pressing R, ZR, or ZL. They also have longer cooldown times than your Basic Attack.

Items That Buff Attack Stats

There are several items that boost your Attack or Special Attack stats. Deciding which one is more useful is up to you, as it’s different for each player and each Pokémon. Here’s a list of items that buff each attack stat.

Items for Basic Atk. buffs
– Muscle Band
– Attack Weight
– Weakness Policy
– Razor Claw

Items for Sp. Atk buffs
– Shell Bell
– Wise Glasses
– Sp. Atk Specs
– Choice Specs

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