Where To Buy Pokémon Themed Oreos If They’re Sold Out Everywhere

PokePatch Best place to buy Pokemon Oreos

The Pokémon Company and Oreos have collaborated to make special edition, Pokémon themed Oreos! Each pack of Oreo cookies features one of 16 different Pokémon. Some Pokémon designs are so rare and so wanted by fans that they’re selling on eBay and other websites for hundreds to thousands of dollars. The Pokémon franchise has become a sensation time and time again and this year is no different. Pokémon products of all kinds are flying off the shelves and getting your hands on cards, packs, or Pokémon themed Oreos can be very difficult.

Physical Locations

The main places to check for these limited edition Oreos are Target and Walmart. Even on the official Oreo website, they refer you to check your local Target to see if they’re in stock. You can check this by going to the store’s website and searching a store near your location. Sometimes these stock numbers online can have discrepancies, so you may want to drive to the store if you have the time to check yourself.

Online Websites

Like most people, if you’re having a hard time getting your hands on a pack of the most popular cookies, you’ll have to resort to ordering them online. Before you do this, It’s not recommended that you buy this from a third party source because the price is most likely extremely inflated. The most trusted place to buy these for the retail price is Amazon. The Oreo Store has an official page on Amazon where you can buy these Pokémon cookies for a limited time. Make sure to check the delivery date, this will show you when they’ll be available. You can order them even if they’re not in stock on Amazon, as long as they plan on restocking soon. If it doesn’t say “In stock soon.”, you may have to search elsewhere.

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