Pokémon Illustration Contest Rules 2022

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Illustration contest rules

This month, The Pokémon company announced they’re holding a new Illustration contest that will begin this year, in 2021 and end in 2022. This is one of their biggest official art contests ever for their trading card game. Everyone can agree that Pokémon card illustrations are amazing pieces of art and are inspiring to all. If you’re an artist and you love Pokémon, now is your chance to get your art featured on a Pokémon card and inspire others!

What Do You Get?

The previous illustration contest offered about $2,800 to the first place winner. In 2019 and 2020 they held similar contests but they were only open to Japanese residents. This time around, the contest will be available to people living in Japan and the United States. For winning first place in the new 2022 competition you’ll win $5,000 and have your art featured in a new Pokémon card set. Even if you don’t manage to win first place, the top 15 drawings chosen will all be rewarded in different ways. It’s important that all entries follow the rules. If you fail to follow the rules of the competition, you risk your art not being considered for selection.

You have from Oct 13th, 2021 to January 31st, 2022 to submit your entry. Just make sure you follow the rules below.

Rules for the 2022 Pokemon Illustration Contest

  • The drawing must prominently feature one of the following Pokemon:
    – Bulbasaur
    – Charizard
    – Pikachu
    – Arcanine
    – Galarian Rapidash
    – Scizor
    – Greninja
    – Cramorant
  • Draw one of these Pokemon in their daily life or while their out adventuring.
  • You’re not allowed to include shiny Pokemon in your illustration.
  • Drawing also must include background art
  • No text in background
  • Limited to 3 entries per person (same or different Pokemon)
  • Must be a legal resident, legal adult, and able to work in Japan or United States

Technical Specifications:
Size/Resolution: 1080 pixels wide x 680 pixels high
File Format: JPEG, PNG (RGB)
File Size: 3 MB or smaller

Winners will be announced early June 2022. Good luck to everyone entering!

For more information on the official rules page visit: https://www.ptcgic-cr.com/2022/en/application/

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