Top 5 Pokémon Card YouTube Channels

PokePatch Top 5 YouTube Pokemon Card TCG Channels

Opening Pokémon cards has turned into a huge phenomenon this year. This is mostly thanks to many social media influencers putting the Pokémon TCG in the spotlight. From YouTubers like Logan Paul to Twitch streamers like XQC, content creators across every platform were all getting in on the trend and viewers around the world wanted in too. While many of these content creators fell off the trend shortly after, some were more persistent and others were opening Pokémon cards before it was cool. This is a list for the best channels dedicated to Pokémon TCG content only. Of course, this is a subjective list and not based on subscriber count.

5. RealBreakingNate

This channel goes out of their way to travel around to open packs from different locations and records more than just the opening. Most videos are more of a vlog than just opening packs. This can make for some interesting topics and different videos than you’ll normally see on Pokémon TCG channels. The downside to this is the videos are usually longer compared to other channels and opening cards isn’t the majority of the video but Nate has a positive personality and creates interesting content nonetheless.

4. TwicebakedJake

This is a PTCG YouTuber with a lot of knowledge on Pokémon cards. They often go in depth with updates on new cards and what’s new in the community. You won’t find many Pokémon pack openings but this channel is a great way to keep up with news and find interesting topics like card grading and pricing.

3. UnlistedLeaf

UnlistedLeaf, aka Ando, is known for his energetic pack openings. He has an extensive collection so he always knows what he’s talking about and his excitement is unmatched. You’ll find huge card opening videos that sometimes will include hundreds of packs. If you’re looking for high energy videos and amazing card pulls, Ando is your man.

2. MaxMoeFoePokemon

With the deep knowledge Max has and the sheer amount of collectibles he owns, he deserves a lot of recognition in the Pokémon card YouTube community. This is something he’s been doing and collecting for a long time and always has interesting collectables to show off. Though he can be edgy sometimes and isn’t very kid friendly because of the cursing, he still brings in millions of viewers. He has a very unique and somewhat sloppy style, but it’s charming and funny at the same time. MaxMoeFoe has the 2nd most amount of Subscribers out of all of the channels on this list, and is definitely worth checking out but keep in mind his channel isn’t for everyone, especially kids.

  1. LeonHart

LeonHart is the best YouTube channel in the Pokémon Card category. Even though he doesn’t have the most subscribers in this category, with the structure, personality, and consistency of his videos, he is the PewDiePie of Pokémon Card channels. Genuine, funny, and positive are all great ways of describing this Pokémon YouTuber. He’s known for not faking his reactions, always keeping it real for the camera and keeps a close connection with his community by giving away cards on Twitter. He often makes pack opening videos of old, vintage packs that cost hundreds of dollars per pack. LeonHart also has an amazing collection, some of which comes from employees of the companies that make Pokémon Cards. No matter what video you watch from this channel, you’ll find it to be light hearted and interesting.

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