Pokemon Unite’s 1st Game Update Patch Notes

Pokémon Unite's First Update Patch Notes

Today, August 4th 2021 (8/4/2021), Pokemon Unite will be getting a new game update. This is the first major patch since the game’s release a couple weeks ago. This server update will be at 12AM PDT/7:00 UTC. If you’re having issues with servers at this time, try to update your game before troubleshooting further. You can do this just by restarting the app on your device.

Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes

Greninja, Alolan Ninetales, Lucario, Machamp, Zeraora, Gengar, Wigglytuff, and Absol, have had bugs that were fixed on several moves but again, the patch notes don’t go in depth on what bugs were fixed.

Text Fixes

There isn’t much information on the text changes in the new update, but this is most likely small changes to the UI that will go unnoticed.

Spectate Feature Test Release

“A test release of the Spectate feature will be performed from 8-4-2021 at 12AM PDT/7:00 UTC until 8-6-2021 at 12AM PDT/7:00 UTC.” This spectate feature will allow you to watch a match being played in real-time while not being an active player in the battle.

Pokemon Changes

Changes are being made to Pokémon’s stats and moves. This is for further balance of battles and fixes to the game. Many players in the community have pointed out that the patch notes for these changes are not very specific. Hopefully future patch notes will be more detailed and include numbers for these changes.

Charizard (buff)

The effects of Flamethrower, Fire Punch, and Fire Blast have been strengthened. The cool down has also been reduced to Flamethrower and Fire Blast.

Talonflame (buff)

The amount of damage dealt for the following abilities have been increased, Acrobatics, Ariel Ace, and Fly.

Venusaur (buff)

Sludge Bomb and Unite Move (Verdant Anger) now does more damage. The cooldown on Solar Beam has been reduced. There’s a patch note that mentions the Petal Dance move has been “upgraded” but there’s no further information on this change.

Absol (buff)

Damage dealt has been increased to Night Slash and Sucker Punch.

Wigglytuff (buff)

Wigglytuff’s Defense, Sp. Def, and HP stats have been increased. Effects on Double Slap and Sing have been strengthened and Double Slap now deals more damage.

Eldegoss (nerf)

The ability, Cotton Spore, got a buff by now having a reduced cooldown, stronger effects, and the move’s Defense/Sp. Def has been increased. That’s where the buffs stop for Eldegoss. Cotton Guard now has a longer cooldown and it’s HP restoration decreased. Eldegoss’ Unite Move, Cotton Cloud Crash, also had an HP restoration decrease. Many people agree with these changes, as before the update Eldogoss was able to heal and deal a lot of damage solo.

Cinderace (nerf)

Cinderace’s Attack stat has been decreased. Blaze Kick now does less damage. Pyro Ball does more damage. Feint had a “Move Downgrade” but no information has been released passed that.

Gengar (buff)

Damage dealt with the Shadow Ball move has been increased. Hex had a “Move Downgrade”. Dream Eater had a “Move Upgrade”.

Zeraora (buff)

Damage has been increased for Wild Charge and Zeraora’s Unite Move, Plasma Gale. Cooldown has also been reduced for Wild Charge.

Cramorant (buff/nerf)

Damage for the move Whirlpool has been decreased, while the damage for Dive has been increased.

Machamp (buff/nerf)

Cross Chop’s damage has been increased, while Close Combat now does less damage to opposing Pokémon.

Known Issues

With the new update being released, players have noticed a major bug with Gengar where they do 0 damage. This has been confirmed on the official Pokémon Unite Twitter page and they claim to be working on it and will have all issues fixed soon.


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