Is The Pokémon Unite Battle Pass Worth It?

PokePatch Pokemon Unite is battle pass worth it

Pokémon Unite has been released and many players are thinking about spending money in-game, since the game was free. It’s easier to spend money on a free title than a game that costs you $60 upfront. If you’re looking to spend money on Pokémon Unite, you’re likely looking at the Battle Pass as it offers the most items for the price. Like many other games, the battle pass allows you to claim some rewards without buying the pass but this only accounts for a small portion of the rewards available. To get the most out of the battle pass and your Pokémon Unite experience in general, you should buy the battle pass. There are two different battle passes. The Premium Battle Pass allows you to unlock items as you complete tasks and level up. There’s also the Premium Battle Pass Plus. This automatically gives you 10 levels in the pass, which unlocks the next 10 items and gives you a head start.

Pokemon Unite Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus price in Aoes Gems

How The Battle Pass Works

When you buy the Battle Pass, you don’t immediately unlock all of the rewards that come with it. You need to level up and earn these rewards by playing matches and completing tasks. These tasks are broken up into 3 categories, daily missions, weekly missions, and season missions. This just describes how long you have to complete that mission before it refreshes and gives you a different task. If progression is important to you in a game, this will definitely help you feel like you’re making some progress in Unite. This is a huge selling point for all Battle Passes in games as it not only give you rewards immediately but it feels satisfying to unlock things as you play. Without the battle pass, the amount of items you unlock slows down as you level up but with this pass you’re able to unlock a reward every battle pass level.

Pokémon Unite Battle Pass season 1 rewards 1-10

Is It Worth It?

Of course this is a subjective question but the community overall seems to think that the Battle Pass offers plenty of rewards and is cheap enough for it to be worth your money. The Premium Battle Pass will cost you 490 Aoes Gems, which is about $5, while the Premium Plus Pass costs $10. The 1st Season’s Battle Pass offers a lot of Item Enhancers and other items. There aren’t many amazing cosmetic items you get through out leveling up the pass, but you’ll get plenty of stuff to have your own style and stand out from the crowd. Hopefully in future passes they’ll add even more unlockable character customization.

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