What is a Pokemon TCG Trainers Toolkit For?

Pokepatch Pokemon trainers toolkit

Pokemon TCG Trainers Toolkit

If you’ve been buying Pokemon booster packs lately, you may have come across a Trainers Toolkit box and you may be wondering What is a Trainer’s Toolkit? This new Pokemon TCG box comes with a bunch of stuff to get you started if you’re interested in playing the Pokemon Trading Card Game. It will help you build your own deck and help you learn how to play the TCG. Some Trainer’s Toolkits will be different colors, there are blue, purple, and red ones. The contents of these products are slightly different, but the concept is the same, they’ll all help you build a deck of Pokemon cards and learn how to play.

What Does the Trainer’s Toolkit Contents?

The items that come with a Trainer Toolkit will vary but most Trainer Toolkits will come with the following items. Make sure to check on the box or item description before making a purchase to know what’s included in that specific product.

  • 50 cards for a deck
  • 100 energy cards
  • 4 booster packs
  • 65 card sleeves
  • A Deck Building guide
  • 6 damage counter dice
  • 1 Pokemon coin
  • 2 condition markers
  • 1 Code card

Where to Buy a Trainer’s Toolkit

If you find yourself looking for a Trainers Toolkit, a great place to get one is GameStop. Not only will you be getting it from a trusted source, for a good price, but PokePatch earns a commission on qualifying purchases, so you’ll also be helping our website stay up. Thank you!

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