When Did Pokemon GO Come Out & How Much Has It Changed?

Pokepatch old Pokemon GO features

When Did Pokemon GO Release?

The Pokemon GO release date was July 6th, 2016. If you were around during this time, you’ll know that the game was very different compared to what it is now. Of course, the original concept of walking around IRL and catching Pokemon was the selling point, but a lot of features we know, and love today weren’t available until years later.

Old Pokemon GO Features

Firstly, it was hard to track down Pokemon with the tracking system they had in place. It vaguely showed players how far a nearby Pokemon was from them, but it was anyone’s guess at which direction they should go. This made cooperation more important when looking for Pokemon, as friends would have to split up to search for a Pokemon and report back when they found it. This was fun for short while but there were also players complaining that this system wasn’t intuitive, and developers changed it into the system we know today. Now, nearby Pokemon will be near Pokestops or landmarks so players can easily find Pokemon they’re looking for.

Some other Pokemon GO features that were added later or changed over time were Pokemon IVs, trainer battles, gyms, and a lot more. When the game first came out it was pretty simple, you catch and collect Pokemon. Luckily, they added several other features that made it more engaging, competitive, and more fun overall.

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