The Most Expensive Pokemon Card Just Sold, Breaking The World Record

The Pokémon card craze hasn’t ended yet and is far from over. The most expensive Pokemon card record is continually getting broken it seems almost every year now. With the rise of popularity in the Pokemon TCG and high demand for Pokemon cards, the value of many cards are still skyrocketing. This mostly includes vintage cards that have been kept in really good condition and there aren’t many of out there. The previous record for the most expensive Pokemon card was a 1st Edition Charizard graded SGC 10 card that sold for $369,000 in 2020. Recently another extremely rare card broke that record by a long shot!

The Most Expensive Pokemon Card Ever

You would think that the most expensive card would still be a 1st edition Charizard with how rare and nostalgic they’ve become. But even more rare and now far more expensive is the Pikachu Illustrator card. Only less than 40 of these cards were ever made and who knows how few are still out in the world. They were given to winners of Pokemon art competitions from 1998 as a reward. This card just sold for $900,000, breaking the previous record by more than half a million dollars!

This particular card that sold is a PSA 7 card. This means the cards condition was graded by PSA and was given a score of 7/10. In 2020, a PSA 9 Pikachu Illustrator card sold for $233,244, so that’s probably worth much more and can easily break the record if sold now. In fact that card is apparently for sale at an ask price of $4,000,000 on Ebay at the moment. But technically the PSA 7 Pikachu Illustrator is the most expensive card right now based on the actual bid price.

If Pokemon and card collecting continues to become more popular, this record will be easily broken in the near future. Even if collecting Pokemon cards become less popular, this record will likely be broken in the coming years just because of how rare some of these collectables are becoming.

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