Where To Buy Brilliant Stars Pokemon TCG Booster Packs

PokePatch Pokemon Brilliant Stars in stock where to buy

The Pokemon TCG has a new Sword and Shield set coming out just in time to celebrate the release of Pokemon Legends Arceus, the newest Pokemon game on Switch. Pokemon cards aren’t easy to find when they first come out and with the hype around this new game, there’s going to be a lot of demand for this new TCG set. That doesn’t mean you should have a hard time trying to get your hands on some Brilliant Stars booster packs! Here’s some places you can try to buy some.

Local Card Shops

Lately we’ve seen Brilliant Stars products on shelves at several retail locations before the actual release date more than any other previous TCG set. It’s been seen mainly at Target and many local card shops. This breaks street date agreements that say what day products are supposed to be stocked and available to consumers but it’s good for the fans who can’t wait to open up new booster packs! We even found a ton of boxes in our area a few days early so it’s worth the drive if you have the time. You’ll mostly see ETB’s and single packs but if you get lucky you might find a Brilliant Stars Booster Box.

Brilliant Stars at GameStop

One of the most reliable places to buy Brilliant Stars booster packs is GameStop. You most likely won’t be able to purchase them early from GameStop but after the release date it would be the first place I check. You can order booster packs and ETBs online and have them shipped to your home. This way you don’t have to go out looking for booster packs on release day and end up finding them sold out everywhere.

Having Trouble Finding Brilliant Stars Packs?

If you’re still having trouble finding packs in your area or online, don’t worry. We expect that Brilliant Stars will be printed quite a bit and will be plentiful this year. This means you shouldn’t have to buy packs from scalpers and you won’t have to wait long before they’re restocked. This is, of course, speculation but it seems like Brilliant Stars won’t be super limited. If you’re still having trouble finding packs you can follow an account on Twitter that calls out when TCG products are in stock. @PokemonTCGDrops on Twitter has been linking places where Brilliant Stars is available and you can turn on notifications to get more updates.

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