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Request Information

Catch a big Buizel for Dorian of the Security Corps, who wants and even bigger specimen to raise alongside the Buizel he already has.


  • Oran Berry x5
  • Exp. Candy S x1

Below are spoilers for this specific request. Scroll down only if you want the answers.

Request Guide

Big Buizel Little Buizel is infamous for being one of the most frustrating side quests to complete in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This is because most Buizels that you’ll catch will be under the required height of 2’8″. To get a large Buizel over this height is mostly luck. To increase your odds, you’ll just need to catch a large quantity but there are still tips for making sure you catch one over 2’8″.

Big Buizel Locations

Our strategy for catching a big Buizel is to go to the Obsidian Fieldlands, South of the Horseshoe Plains. This area highlighted below will have several Buizel to catch but beware of the Alpha Floatzel if you’re low level. Hide in nearby grass or use smoke bombs while catching as many Buizel as you can. If you’ve already beat the first boss, there’s a chance you’ll find an Alpha Buizel spawn as well.

big Buizel spawn location

Alpha Buizel

Another way to ensure you catch a big Buizel over 2’8″ is catching an Alpha. All Alphas are relatively large so if you come across an Alpha Buizel make sure to save your game and catch it. If you fail to catch it, load game and try again. The Buizel you use for this side quest will be lost because you’ll give it to Dorian. So make sure you’re okay with parting ways with your big Buizel.

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