GameStop is Giving Free Mystery Gifts for Pokemon Legends Arceus

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GameStop Arceus Code

Pokemon Legends Arceus just came out in January and GameStop is taking the opportunity to hold their own promotion for the new game. Between February 25th and March 13th, GameStop is running a promotion for a free Mystery Gift in Legends Arceus for players to claim. To get a Gamestop Arceus code, go to your local GameStop between the timeframe and you may receive a code for an in game Mystery Gift.

Free Hisuian Growlithe & 20 Feather Balls

Upon claiming this code, players will receive a free Hisuian Growlithe and 20 Feather Balls. Hisuian Growlithe isn’t usually available until later in the game so this will allow players to add a Hisuian Growlithe to their party early on in the game.

The promotion reads “Available only while supplies last. No purchase necessary.”. This means you won’t have to purchase the game or anything in general to receive a code. As long as they have codes available you should be able to get one. Just go to the counter at your local GameStop and ask for a Pokemon Legends Arceus Growlithe code. This promotion is available in North America. There’s no news on an international promo just yet.

Buy Pokemon Legends Arceus

To claim this code you’ll need the game. If you haven’t already, it’s a great time to get the newest Pokemon game, Legends Arceus! Explore Hisui with your new Hisuian Growlithe and experience all of the new gameplay features introduced in this new title.

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