How Shiny Hunting May Be Different in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokepatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Shiny Hunting

The release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is just a month away and theres a lot of hype built around it because of how different this game is from other Pokemon games. One feature everyone wants to know about is how to get shiny Pokemon. Like many other game mechanics in Legends: Arceus, it seems like this will be different as well. In previous Pokemon games, shiny hunting was just a numbers game. The more of the same Pokemon you catch, the more likely you are to get a shiny. In Pokemon Legends: Areus, it looks like we might have more control over our shiny odds.

Most information here is speculation but we’ll update the page as more information is confirmed.

How to Hunt Shiny Pokemon

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus the main difference with your Pokedex is you’ll have a task list for each Pokemon in the Pokedex. Its rumored that the more tasks you complete in this list, the more likely you are to get a shiny version of that Pokemon.

Another big difference between old and this new game is that you can see shiny Pokemon in the overworld. This means you dont have to enter and exit hundreds of battles to check for a shiny. You can roam around the world and hunt shinies without breaking immersion.

Shiny Hunting Could Be Harder Than Before

The only bad thing about these changes is that there are bound to be ones that make shiny hunting harder than before. It’s rumored that shinys will be able to run away in Legends: Arceus. This could mean if you miss a Pokeball throw out of battle or fail to catch it, the shiny will run and become harder to catch.

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