What is RareCandy? LeonHart’s New Pokémon Card Website

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What is Rare Candy?

Rare Candy is named after a well known, useful, in-game item and Pokémon card. In Pokémon games, rare candy items are used to give your Pokémon experience points and level them up. But today, we’ll be focusing on a different Rare Candy. There’s a new website, co-owned by a popular Poketuber, LeonHart. This website has limited information on it but here’s what we know so far.

RareCandy is aimed to become a new auction platform for rare collectables that will be different from the available options we have currently because it is run by experts. Users will likely be able to buy (and maybe sell) rare Pokémon collectables from credible sources. This website will obviously be focused around Pokémon cards and collectables but their Twitter bio just states “Legendary collectibles”, meaning we could see more items on the website that branch away from the Pokémon Franchise in the future as well. The platform isn’t open at the moment but there is a big promotion going on that everyone should know about.

Base Set Giveaways and Livestream Events

Rare Candy has gained a lot of popularity, not only from LeonHart being behind the project and promoting it in his YouTube videos, but giveaways! Everyone loves having a chance at free rare cards and packs. Rare Candy has already given away a 1st Edition Base Set pack earlier this year, which valued at $12,000! Now they’re giving away 5 free packs on a YouTube livestream tomorrow, while they open a Shadowless Base Set Booster Box. It’s not specified what these 5 packs will be but we do know they’ll be giving away at least one Base Set 2 booster pack, according to their Discord server. Earlier this week they let users of the website buy these Shadowless, Base Set packs for $2,000 each. This event will mark a new beginning of Pokémon card auctions and we hope to see more events and information from Rare Candy soon. Tune in to the livestream on Saturday, 10/30, at 4 PM ET and get more information by going to RareCandy.com.

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