Best Products To Protect Your Pokémon Cards With

PokePatch Pokemon TCG Best ways to protect your cards

How to keep your cards in the best, mint condition.

Best sleeves to buy for collections

Card sleeves are a must have for every Pokémon car collector. Whether you have 1 card or 1,000 cards, sleeves are a very important part of keeping your cards in good shape. The best card sleeves on the market that a lot of collectors buy are the Ultra Pro Standard card sleeves.

Best sleeves to buy for competitive play

If you’re a person that not only likes to collect but also play the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), there are better sleeves for you to play with. These sleeves are smaller and hug the sides of the card so there isn’t excess plastic around the card once their in the sleeve. This snug fit allows you to easily shuffle and play with your cards while they’re being protected from scratches and other elements. The best sleeves for this situation are the Perfect Barrier 64 x 89mm sleeves.

Best top loaders to buy

What are top loaders? Top loaders are like sleeves but more durable. They’re card holders that are made of harder plastic so they don’t bend as easily as regular sleeves. These are highly recommended for cards that you really don’t want to get damaged. Use top loaders on cards that have a high dollar amount value or cards that mean a lot to you, even if they don’t cost a lot. Top loaders are a little more expensive than sleeves because they’re higher quality material and will protect your cards better. Even at this price, their cheap enough that every collector has them.

More Tips on Protecting Pokémon Cards

1 Sleeve = 1 Card

Whether you’re using a binder, normal card sleeves, or top loaders you should only put one card inside of one sleeve. Don’t put two or more cards inside one sleeve. If you do this, you’ll end up with a lot of mini scratches on your cards. Even micro scratches from dust can greatly decrease a cards value so you want to avoid this at all costs. The sleeves that we recommend are cheap enough that you should have plenty to use on each of your cards.

Keep away from moisture

Moisture is one of the main causes for Pokémon cards getting bent. This is another reason why you want your valuable cards sleeved ASAP. The longer your card is exposed to humidity or moisture, the greater chance it will start to bend.

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