How To Surrender In Pokémon Unite and Should You?

PokePatch Pokemon Unite How To Surrender

How To Surrender

To surrender in Pokémon Unite, you’ll need to make a poll. If the majority of your team votes to surrender, then the match will end and it will count as a loss for the surrendering team. If you’re losing and want to give up a match, here’s how to surrender in Pokémon Unite.

Step 1: Press the plus (+) button to open the match stats overlay

Step 2: Press the minus (-) button to open the settings menu

Step 3: Press the X button to start a vote to surrender. Your team can only do this 3 times per match.

Should You Surrender?

Surrendering is always better than quitting or leaving a match. This way you’re not abandoning your teammates and making it unfair and unfun for others. If you’re getting beat in a match and the majority of your team is already voting to surrender, it might be a good time to throw in the towel. Not voting ‘Yes’ on a surrender vote when the rest of your team wants to can be frustrating for other players and it’s always good to keep good sportsmanship when playing competitive games. My number one rule is to never initiate the vote. If the vote is already going because other team members want to surrender, then I’ll consider it because I don’t want to anger other players or waste people’s time. But you gain nothing from being the player that starts this vote. This mindset will lead you to giving up more often and not trying to turn the game around. No matter how far behind you are in points, you can always come back and clutch a win. Even if you don’t win in the end, you’ll be able to analyze why you lost that game and try to become better in future matches. Initiating a surrender or quitting a match early is a way of denying yourself the opportunity to learn and grow.

The Alternative

Instead of surrendering a match, keep playing and try your best. It sounds cheesy but it’s always possible to win no matter how far behind you are. The best way to turn around a match in your favor is the legendary boss Pokémon, Zapdos. Near the end of a Pokémon Unite match Zapdos will appear in the middle of the arena. Defeating Zapdos will give you and your team a chance to win the game. This gives you several points and leaves your opponents score zones wide open. Even if you’re hundreds of points behind the opponent, when you take down Zapdos you’ll have an opportunity to turn the entire match around. There have been many matches that I’m so close to losing and at the last minute we win due to taking down Zapdos and scoring hundreds of points on our opponents. It’s always better to try and fail than to not try at all.

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