How To Unlock Zeraora in Pokémon Unite

How to Unlock Zeraora License in Pokemon Unite

Pokémon Unite just released and many people are wondering how to get the Zeraora license. It took myself a while of exploring the newly released game’s menus until I found where to claim this exclusive character. You only have until August 31st, 2021 to unlock this limited time Pokémon so act quickly or you may not be able to play as Zeraora in the future. Zeraora is a free character, as long as you play before the specified date, you won’t have to pay to play as them.

How To Get The Zeraora License

Once you’re on the main menu, press X to open a purple settings menu on the left side of your screen. Select the option that says mail. This is where you’ll receive messages from other players and the dev team. Under system messages you should see a new message that is titled “Launch Bonus”. Upon opening this message you’ll be able to claim Zeraora.

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Press ‘X’
  3. Select “Mail”
  4. Go to “System Messages”
  5. Press ‘A’ to claim the launch bonus
How to unlock Zeraora in Pokémon Unite

Playing as Zeraora

The difficulty for this Pokémon is Expert, so you may want to practice with this new playable character before entering a public match. Zeraora has great offense and mobility but low endurance, this puts them in the Speedster category. Towards the beginning of the match, Zeraora can be squishy, as they don’t do a lot of damage and can be easily ganked. Make sure to level up a bit before taking on enemies. Stick to the middle of the map and focus on wild Pokémon for a while. The middle of the match is where this Pokémon really shines, if you’re able to level up quickly, you’ll be able to push your opponents back and help your team score a lot of points. Make sure to use agility to your advantage to escape risky situations.

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