How To Level Up and Evolve Quickly in Pokémon Unite

How To Level Up and Evolve Quickly in Pokémon Unite

With Pokémon Unite being a relatively new game, there are many players that are completely new to MOBA games. Even if you’ve played several MOBA games, you may need some tips and tricks on leveling faster in game. Everyone wants to know how to level up fast in Pokémon Unite. Here we’ll show you some good ways to gain experience and level up quickly while you’re playing.

Starting a match

At the beginning of each match all players start at level 1. It’s crucial that you level up quickly at the start of the match because you don’t want to encounter an opponent with a higher level than yours. The higher level you are, the more powerful your Pokémon becomes. Leveling up allows you to unlock new moves throughout the match and will also increase your stats. If you level up quickly and come across an enemy with a lower level, you may have a higher chance of beating them. Later on in the match, level differences aren’t as noticeable but they can be towards the beginning, especially if you have someone lagging behind and not getting EXP.

A character's EXP bar in Pokémon Unite. How to gain EXP quickly and level up fast in Pokémon Unite.

Leveling Up

Just like in every other game, to level up your Pokémon you need experience points, also known as EXP or XP. There are several ways to gain EXP in Pokémon Unite. There are four main sources of gaining EXP. Knowing how to gain EXP will help you know what to look out for and what to prioritize while playing matches.

Wild Pokémon

Most of your EXP will likely come from defeating wild Pokémon. This is similar to minions in League of Legends. Wild Pokémon will spawn throughout the match in various locations depending on the map. Fighting and defeating these wild Pokémon will give you large amounts of EXP and points to score. This will be your main way of leveling up so make sure to focus on defeating many wild Pokémon, especially near the beginning of the match. When a match starts, there are several wild Pokémon near your spawn, fight these and level up to get a head start on your opponents.

Enemy Pokémon

Taking down enemy players is another great way of leveling up. It’s not just about fighting other players, though sadly. To gain the most EXP from enemies, you must get the last hit. If you do damage to the enemy but you don’t get the final blow, you’ll only get partial EXP from helping teammates defeat enemy players. Regardless, you should always help out teammates to defeat enemy Pokémon, even if you don’t get the last hit or much EXP from it.

Scoring Points

If you score on the opponents goal, you’ll earn 10 EXP. To do this you need to collect Aeos energy and bring it to the enemy goal zone. The amount of EXP you get from this doubles near the end of the match. This should be coordinated with other team members so you can pick off other enemies easier in the process, earning you even more EXP.

Pick Up Berries

Berries are a common theme throughout many Pokémon games and Unite is no different. You’ll find berries that randomly spawn around the arena. Picking up these berries will give you a small amount of EXP. Even though it’s small for single berries, the more you pick up, the more EXP stacks. This EXP adds up over time and can really make a difference, so make sure to keep an eye out for berries that spawn across the map.


Just like levels, a Pokémon’s evolution resets at the beginning of each match. Evolving your Pokémon comes along with gaining EXP through out the game. This allows you to unlock more powerful abilities and moves. You’ll know when you evolve once you level up and an animation plays that changes your character.

How to evolve quickly in Pokémon Unite

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