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How To PSA Pokemon Cards

If you’re into collecting Pokemon cards, you may have noticed some collectors have their cards in a plastic slab or case with a red and white label at the top. This label contains the card information and what condition the card is in. Most of the time, cards that are graded 10 are the most expensive ones out there because they’re in such good condition. Here’s how you can get your cards condition graded and slabbed as well!

1. Choosing Which Service

Choosing a grading service is the first step to get a Pokemon card graded. You’ll need to send it to a company that will inspect, authenticate, and grade the card. PSA is one of the most popular grading services for Pokemon cards and considered the standard to many people. That doesn’t mean it’s the best service for you as there are many options out there. Above everything, you just want to make sure to send your cards into a trusted grading service. The top 3 card grading services are PSA, CGC, and BGS.

2. Preparing Your Cards

Before sending in your cards, there are some things you want to consider. Is your card in the best condition possible? Any scratches, scuffs, or errors will affect the grade that you get so make sure it’s spotless when you submit it. This involves inspecting the card yourself and cleaning it up as much as you can. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure you get the highest grade possible.

3. Sending Cards in For Grading

Now that your cards are ready to be graded after choosing where to send it and preparing, you’ll need to ship your cards physically. It’s important to make sure you follow specific guidelines to submit your card. Each service has its own process, so be sure to follow the right one. Also be sure to package your cards very safety to avoid getting damaged during the shipping process. Below we’ll link the guides to sending in your cards to the top three grading services. These guides will help you with packaging tips as well.

Card Grading Guides

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