You Can Now Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Unite! What Are Catch Em Battles?

Pokepatch Pokemon Unite catch em battles

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is known for intense Pokemon battles and team cooperation. Until now, catching Pokemon wasn’t a feature in the game at all and no one expected it to be. With a new update, not only can you catch Pokemon, but you can play as wild Pokemon and even Legendary Pokemon such as Zapdos, Articuno, Regigigas, and more! This new game mode will be available to play from now until June 26, 2022. We’re not sure if this game mode will be available in the future but if players seem to enjoy this mode, developers will surely consider adding it again later. Here’s what we know about Catch Em Battles so far.

How To Play Catch ‘Em Battles

To catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, start a Catch Em Battle and look for wild Pokemon that appear throughout the arena. Defeat one of these wild Pokemon on the map and you will automatically catch it! Once you’ve caught a Pokemon it will replace your item. Upon activating this, you’ll be able to play as the Pokemon you’ve caught! While playing as other Pokemon you’ll have access to powerful attacks and abilities. During this time, you won’t be able to score or teleport back to your base, so support your team as much as you can! Once you get knocked out, you’ll revert back to the Pokemon you were originally playing as. For full details on this new game mode visit the official Pokemon website here.

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