All Massive Mass Outbreak Icons Explained for Pokemon Legends Arceus Update

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus Massive Mass Outbreaks

Massive Mass Outbreak Symbols

The newest update to Pokemon Legends Arceus brought us new missions and features including the Massive Mass Outbreaks. These Massive Outbreaks are similar to regular ones with a twist. A question mark will appear in an area when a Massive Outbreak is there. Upon traveling there, you will see several questions marks around your map. Each question mark is an outbreak with a random Pokemon but you may also notice other new icons as well. Here’s what each icon means and how to use them to your advantage.

Shiny Outline

Sometimes you’ll see outbreaks with a shiny border. This massive mass outbreak shiny icon is a little misleading because it doesn’t mean there’s a shiny there, it just means its a special outbreak. These are accompanied by an icon that tells you why the outbreaks are special.

Aguav Berry Icon

An important icon you’ll see on outbreaks is a berry. Upon catching Pokemon in outbreaks with this icon, you’ll receive Aguav Berries. These are needed for revealing the map and other useful details.

What are Aguav Berries Used For?

Aguav Berries are extremely useful in Massive Mass Outbreaks, especially if you’re hunting shinys or looking for a specific Pokemon. When you talk to Mai in the main camp, you can give her Munchlax 5 of these berries to reveal all outbreaks on the map. Then you’ll be able to see what Pokemon is in each outbreak instead of them showing as question marks.

Star Icon

This massive mass outbreak star icon is important if you’re trying to get Alphas or possibly Shiny Alphas. The star icon represents that the next wave of the outbreak may contain alphas or the evolution of that Pokemon. They may be harder to catch but are worth the trouble if its the specific Pokemon you want!

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