What Are Full Fury Battles in Pokemon Unite?

PokePatch Pokemon Unite Full Fury battles

Pokemon Day is coming up on 2/27 to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise. This day will come with a Pokemon Direct with announcements for future projects. This week several Pokemon games are getting updates and events to celebrate the occasion. Pokemon Unite is not an exception to this and is even getting a new game mode and player rewards for Pokemon Day. The new game mode is called Full Fury but what are Full Fury battles?

Full Fury Battles

Full Fury battles are available to play Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from February 24th to April 11th. This game mode is a new type of quick battle that’s very fast paced. Player’s have reduced move cooldowns and reduced recovery times making combat between teams pretty intense. The Aoes energy you get from knocking out opponent Pokemon is also increased, meaning you can score points even faster if you’re able to get to the goal. We’re not sure if this game mode will come back after the event but for now players will have until April 11th to play Full Fury mode.

Pokemon Day Event in Pokemon Unite

The Full Fury mode isn’t the only thing being added to Pokemon Unite for Pokemon Day. On certain days through the Pokemon Day event, all Pokemon will be available to everyone for free temporarily. This is the best opportunity for players to try out a Pokemon they don’t have the license for yet. This will apply to all matches except ranked ones. During the Pokemon day event there will also be extra daily login bonuses and challenges for players to complete for new trainer cosmetic items and Aoes Tickets.

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