How Pokedex Research Levels Work in Pokemon Legends Arceus

PokePatch Pokemon Legends Arceus how research levels work or add up

Pokemon Arceus Research Level

The new Switch title, Pokemon Legends Arceus, has been out for a couple weeks now. This is plenty of time for fans to get used to new gameplay features and controls, yet some aspects of the game can be confusing for some. Many players, including myself, will play through the entire story without fully understanding how research levels work in the Pokedex. Sometimes you’ll only have 5 tasks complete but have a Research Level of 10. This begs the question, how does research level work? Here’s how research levels add up.

What Are Research Levels?

In your Pokedex, you’ll see that you have a research level for every Pokemon you’ve caught. You complete tasks to level up your research with every Pokemon. This starts at level 1 when you first find a new Pokemon and ends at level 10. Once you’ve reached a level 10 research level for a certain Pokemon, that entry in the Pokedex is complete. You may still complete research tasks for points or money for that Pokemon but the level will max out at research level 10.

How Do Research Levels Work in Legends Arceus?

The way research levels and checkmarks add up can be a little confusing at first. Once you’ve completed a research task, you’ll get a checkmark by that task. This checkmark is equal to 1 research level. You may also notice a symbol with 2 red arrows. So what do the two red arrows mean in Pokemon Arceus? If that task has this red arrow icon next to it, every checkmark for that task will be doubled. For example, in the screenshot below we have 3 checkmarks on the first task. These will be doubled because of the red arrows next to it for a sum of 6 levels. The last task has one checkmark but no arrows, adding 1 level to the total, Research Level 7.

red arrows pokedex arceus

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