Who Is Sinnoh? Pokemon Legends Arceus Theory

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Pokemon Legends Arceus will be released this month and fans are combing through trailers and every bit of content released to find more about this mysterious new game. In one trailer we noticed a character saying something strange. Adaman, the Diamond Clan Leader, says “Almighty Sinnoh forgive me” in the new trailer that showcases the Diamond and Pearl clans. This is the first time we see someone in the Pokemon universe refer to Sinnoh as a being and not a place. We’re used to Sinnoh just being the name of a region but it’s strange seeing the proper noun be used for something else. This is obviously where the future Sinnoh region got it’s name. But where or who does this name come from initially?

Who is Sinnoh?

When we looked into this, our first though was Sinnoh refers to Arceus, as it’s the almighty Pokemon that inadvertently created everything in the Pokemon universe as we know so far. But when we look at trailers more closely, we don’t see any sign or Arceus anywhere. We do, however, see Dialga and Palkia in the form of crude sculptures around villages. This proves people in the Hisui region at this time at least know about Dialga and Palkia but maybe not Arceus just yet. After this was found, another huge piece of information came out.

The official NintendoAmerica Twitter account posted this Tweet below, confirming the suspicions that Sinnoh is not specifically referring to Arceus, but Dialga and Palkia. It’s possible that these clans don’t know Arceus even exists. They also may not know that Dialga and Palkia are 2 different Pokemon or deities. From the way they talk about Sinnoh, the Pokemon, they make it sound like they’re referring to the same thing. Either they think that their interpretation of Sinnoh is the correct one, or they do know about both Pokemon and choose to worship a certain side. Either way, it’s a very interesting dynamic and even has parallels to similar ideas in the real world. Once again a Pokemon game proves to have deeper meaning and commentary than you’d expect.

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