Pokemon Unite Ranked Gets Rework in New Patch

Pokepatch Pokemon Unite ranked rework patch

A lot of old players are coming back and new players are downloading Pokemon Unite because of the newest update that was announced. There are several changes to the game coming this month along with a huge holiday event, adding many customizable items, holowear, and Pokemon to the game. Along with the Holiday event being released this month, they also reworked how you rank up in patch Here are the biggest changes.

Pokemon Leveling Changes

Garchomp, Gardevior and several other Pokémon evolve earlier in the match now and learn moves faster in battle. This will make matches progress a lot faster as these characters don’t have to focus as much on leveling up or evolving before going into battle with opponents.

Performance Points

  • Performance Points will now protect progression stars

Typically, after playing a ranked match, your rank will change depending on if you win or lose the game and your performance. This changes in the form of gaining or losing diamonds and performance points. In this new update, you’ll be able to spend these points after losing a match. Spending these performance points after a lose may prevent you from losing a diamond. This will help players by preventing them from deranking and making it easier to climb up the ranks faster.

Master Rank Rates

  • Master Rank increase and decrease rates altered

On top of helping players keep their rank after losses, rank rates have been altered to aid ranked players as well. In the Master Rank, ratings will now increase more easily, again helping players rank up faster. This could lead to more players getting into Master Rank but hopefully it doesn’t make it too easy to rank up or get a high rating.

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