Leonhart is Giving Away Vintage Pokemon Packs at Pop Up Shop

Pokepatch leonhart giving away vintage Pokemon cards at pop up shop

Leonhart, a popular YouTuber in the Pokémon card community, is hosting a huge event, in the form of a pop up shop, that is creating more hype around old Pokemon cards. In this pop up shop will be a variety of Pokémon products you can buy such as vintage Pokémon booster packs, boxes, action figures, and more. The best part about all of this is these products will be sold for their original MSRP or retail price! This means while a base set booster pack will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars today, at Leonhart’s popup shop you’ll be able to get these packs for $3.99. While this isn’t technically “giving away” packs, it might as well be with how cheap they are to the original price. The point of the event is to let people experience what it was like to buy these packs from the 90s. Obviously there will be limits to quantities so more people will have a chance to get these packs as well.

The Physical Store

The official website for the pop up shop states the address for the physical location is Dallas, Texas, so if you have a ticket and you’re not near there, be prepared for traveling. This entire event seems worth the time you’ll spend riding in a plane or driving a car, so people probably don’t have an issue with that. If you are too far away to go, don’t lose hope. There is a chance there will be more pop up shops across the US and maybe other countries in the future!

Meet Leonhart

Not only will you get the chance to buy vintage Pokémon cards, booster packs, and other products at the Leonhart pop up shop. If you’re lucky enough to get tickets to this event you’ll also get to meet Leonhart, himself, along with creators you may recognize! We’re not sure what other activities they’ll have at the pop up shop but we do know there will be a pack opening live stream that the community can take part in as well.

How to Get Tickets

The first wave of tickets have already been sold but don’t give up hope! Leonhart tweeted that we’ll have more opportunities to get tickets in the “near future. To stay up to date on when these tickets will go on sale, follow Leonhart’s Twitter page. He also mentions in a later tweet that he hopes to do these pop up shops all across the US so more people have a chance to go to these events.

Something we have to remember is not only is this not cheap, but it’s probably a lot of hard work to put all of this together. Leonhart has been talking about this in videos and tweets for almost a year now. He also mentioned in a video that the idea for this event started in 2020. so there has been a lot of planning going into this the past year. This means if there are more pop up shops after the first one, we’ll need to be patient as it could take a while to set up.

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