Why Players Are Upset Pokemon Unite Is Giving Rewards For 50 Million Downloads

Pokepatch Pokemon Unite 50 mil downloads

Since the new MOBA style game for the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Unite, has been released it’s gathered a lot of players. The official Pokemon Unite Twitter account announced that they’ve reached over 50 million downloads and they’ll be giving away 2,000 Aeos Tickets for anyone who logs in between 12/9 and 1/31.

Why Players Are Upset

This seems great at first glance, everyone loves free stuff, but some users in the replies are saying that this isn’t enough. Some are pointing out that previous bonuses such as Google Play’s rewards offered 4,000 Aoes Tickets and others saying we should receive Aoes Coins instead because they’re harder to obtain. It seems like this is a mixture of people not satisfied with microtransactions and other features in the game such as matchmaking and not so much with just this bonus. This tweet just put some users over the edge as the developers haven’t addressed many other criticisms.

Should We Be Mad? (opinion)

Players have already received several rewards from previous download milestones such as Holowear and Unite Licenses. This bonus is also more than the 1,000 Aoes Tickets players got for the 1,000,000 downloads milestone. The milestone of 50,000,000 downloads also isn’t something players actively work towards because you can only download the game once or twice. I see this bonus as just a small thank you to the players that are still playing and downloading the game. There are plenty of things in Pokemon Unite that deserve criticism, but this shouldn’t be our focus.

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