All VStar Cards in Brilliant Stars Pokémon TCG Set So Far

Pokepatch Pokemon TCG Brilliant Stars All VStar Cards

The newest expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Brilliant Stars will be the first set in a long time to introduce a new type of card. We’ve had V and VMax cards since the beginning of Sword and Shield, but now we’re getting a new type of card called VStar. This new set will come out February 25th, 2022. So far we’ve only seen 2 VStar cards be showcased from Brilliant Stars, plus some promo cards, but we’ll most likely see more soon. Here are all of the VStar cards in the set we know about so far.

Arceus VStar

PokePatch Pokemon Arceus Vstar Display

Card 123/172 in the Brilliant Stars set was the first card to be shown in the trailer they released for VStar cards. This will easily become a huge chase card as Arceus is the main Pokémon for this set and for the upcoming game, Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Charizard VStar

PokePatch Pokemon Charizard Vstar Display

The VStar Charizard 018/172 will most likely be another popular chase card in this set. Not only is Charizard a fan favorite but it’s an amazing looking card all around.

Shaymin VStar

PokePatch Shaymin VSTAR

The VStar Shaymin card has been announced and shown from the Japanese Star Birth set. Because this is in Star Birth and among one of the first VStar cards announced, we’ll most likely see this card in Brilliant Stars TCG set as well.

Promo VStar Cards

There have also been two promo VStar cards officially announced and they’ll come in these Leafeon and Glaceon VStar boxes. These boxes also contain Jumbo versions of these VStar promos and a V card of each Pokémon.

Where To Get Brilliant Stars Packs

If you’d like to pre-order Brilliant Stars packs, one of the best places to buy it from is GameStop. They’re listed at retail, MSRP price, so you don’t have to buy them off a scalper for a higher price. Not only will you be getting packs from a trusted source, but if you use our link below we earn commissions and you’ll help the PokePatch website stay up. Check out GameStop’s availability here:

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