Pokémon Unite Season 3 is Bringing Summer Holowear and Cosmetics in the Winter

Pokepatch Pokemon Unite Season 3 summer in winter

With Season 2 ending in Pokémon Unite, naturally players have been awaiting what lies in the Season 3 update. The Official Pokémon Unite Twitter account posted a video announcement for the next season. Season 3 has started today and you can now download the update and play. According to the Tweet, the Season 3 Battle Pass name is “Sun, Sun, Sunshine!”. In Season 1 we also saw a similar style with the Beach Style theme. Many players have already mentioned the strange timing considering that the end of the year is known for the winter season, as it gets colder and starts snowing in the Northern Hemisphere. But in Pokémon Unite it seems like we’ll be seeing more summer themed holowear and outfits for Season three. We also have to consider the Southern Hemisphere has different seasons and plenty of players live there too. Regardless, it’s always nice to see new content being added to the game.

Season 3 Holowear

As seen above, there are two main Holowears that you can earn through the Battle Pass in Season 3, which will be Charizard and Venusaur Holowear. The Charizard holowear looks sophisticated with a nice shirt and glasses. While Venusaur looks celebratory and stylish. These both definitely fit the Sunshine theme but we’re seeing a lack of sunglasses.

Season 3 Trainer Outfits

Luckily they make up for the lack of sunglasses by giving us new ones for our trainers. The new trainer outfits and cosmetics for Season 3 gives us more variety of items to customize our characters with. From button up shirts and shorts to work related outfits, there are plenty of unlockable rewards in the new Battle Pass.

PokePatch Pokemon Unite Season 3 Trainer Outfits

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