Pokémon Unite is Getting a Halloween Update & Event!

Pokepatch Pokemon Unite Halloween Update Event

Pokémon Unite announced there will be an in-game Halloween event and update with a bunch of new Halloween themed addons. They call it the Halloween Festival. This will add Pokémon, holowear, custom trainer items, and Halloween themed gameplay. This event will begin October 20th, 2021 and last until November 7th, 2021.

New Playable Pokémon

They announced in the video that Greedent will be joining Pokémon Unite and will become playable during this event. We don’t see many of Greedent’s abilities in this trailer so we’ll have to wait and see what type of combat style Greedent will offer. Although, we can see them eating berries and throwing nuts at other Pokémon, which is fitting considering it looks like a squirrel.

New Halloween Holowear

In the video showing off the new update, it says “New treats for you and your Pokémon”. This means there will be customization added, not only your your trainer character, but your Pokémon as well. They show 3 different new holowear that will be added to the game and several spooky looking items for your trainer avatar and profile. So far we know Lucario, Charizard, Slowbro, Blastoise, Eldagoss, and Wigglytuff will all get new holowear. Some look like they have knitted hats and sweaters for the cold season, while others look like they’re dressed up, ready to go trick or treating.

New Halloween Themed Gameplay

In the video showcasing the upcoming update, we can also see that everything around the arenas and maps are decorated for Halloween. There are pumpkins, lights, witch’s hats everywhere. Not only are the maps decorated, but the Pokémon’s attacks look festive as well. It seems like there’s also a way to turn your opponent into a pumpkin, essentially stunning them and leaving them shortly defenseless.

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