What Time Is Daily & Weekly Reset in Pokémon Unite Season 2?

PokePatch Pokemon Unite season 2 daily and weekly mission reset

There is a lot of different and conflicting information around about what time the daily reset and weekly reset is in Pokémon Unite. This could be due to a change in this reset time as the Season 2 update rolls out. Previously the time for the reset was 00:00 UTC but that is no longer the case. The official Pokémon Unite FAQs have been updated on 09/30/2021 to show that the reset time is 16:00 UTC.

When is Daily Reset for Missions?

The daily reset time for Battle Pass Missions is at 16:00 UTC (10 AM MST). This is only applies to Battle Pass Missions.

All of the following still resets daily at the previous time of 00:00 UTC (6:00 PM MST)

  • 14 day welcome gifts / login rewards
  • Regular Daily Missions reset
  • Challenges reset
  • Energy Rewards Limit reset
  • New Quick Battle maps

When is Weekly Reset for Missions?

The reset for weekly Battle Pass Missions is every Monday at 16:00 UTC (10 AM MST). You’ll have to wait until Monday every week to unlock the next page of missions to complete.

What Does This Mean?

When the clock reaches 00:00 UTC, you’ll be able to claim your daily login rewards and refresh your missions to earn even more rewards. Be sure, if you’re trying to login daily to claim these welcome gifts every day, that you login after the daily reset has happened. As for the Daily Missions for the Season 2 Battle Pass, you’ll have to wait until 16:00 UTC for them to reset. At this point you’ll be able to do the missions for that day until it resets again. You’ll also still be able to claim any unclaimed rewards from previous days.

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