Pokémon Unite Release Date & New Playable Character Announced

Pokémon Unite Release Date & New Playable Character Announced

With everyone going crazy, looking all over the internet for clues about the release date for Pokémon Unite, the Pokémon Company was not in a rush to give this information out. This created suspense, hype, and some frustration throughout the community. But they said it would be released in July and they’re delivering on their promise. Today a tweet went up from the PokemonUNITE Twitter account saying this.


Pokémon Unite is confirmed to be coming out on July 21st for the Nintendo Switch. That’s less than a week away! Along with the tweet was an exciting trailer showing more gameplay and features in the game.

Not only does this finally give players a release date. It shows more info on customization features such as your Pokémon trainer, teams, and Pokémon themselves. At the end of the video, it also showcases a new playable character. The Electric-type, Mythical Pokémon, Zeraora! If you want to unlock this character you must act quickly because you can only get it before August 31st.

Playing Zeraora

Zeraora is a close range combat character. It’s classified as a speedster as is it has a high mobility stat and can deal a lot of damage to enemies. It’s Unite ability is a powerful AOE (area of effect) electric attack that damages all enemies around it.

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